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Construct accurate OnAir traffic reports in seconds.

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TIS X-17 OnAir is built for speed and is not integrated to any national transport department databases. Why?

  • As a traffic reporter, you usually get the information first and from your listeners that are in place.
  • The information from your national transport department can take time and you have probably already been OnAir and reported the incident.
  • This may be in addition to other systems, but TIS X-17 OnAir is all you need to make a good traffic report.
  • It's easy to use and you are in charge of the information presented to you and your audience.
  • Built for small to medium sized radio stations or other broadcasters.
  • It's inexpensive.

Your audience is intrested in what's happening in the traffic even before they are on the road or at the public transport.

TIS X-17 OnAir takes less than 10 minutes to learn.

Use our standardized workflow with the TIS X-17 OnAir and broadcast an excellent OnAir traffic report within seconds.

TIS X-17 consists of 3 parts.
1. "X-17 OnAir" is for the traffic reporter
2. "X-17 LOOK" is for the showhost and other persons at your facilities.
3. "X-17 Traffic" is for the audience to be updated with your traffic information. Mobile friendly or you can incorprate it into your own website.

tis x-17

If you are intrested in testing the system or just want to chat,
contact me.
Anders Nilsson
phone: +46 31 145145
email: tis@trafficradio.eu


History in making a working traffic system

Here's a little bit of the history in making a traffic information system built for the traffic reporter at the radiostation.

Hi. Anders Nilsson
My name is Anders Nilsson and I am a traffic reporter/webdeveloper.
I have worked as a traffic reporter for over 10 years, both at public service radio and through my own radio production company here in Sweden.

I started a long time ago (2003) and collect information and webcameras to my website just to get some order and easily retrieve information when I was on the air as a traffic reporter. We used pen and paper those days and later I built a Word template, but everything took a long time to get it in the right order and sometimes you forgot something. How to get the right information all the time out to the listners? The worst thing was when you had less than a minute to your broadcast and then the phone rings and you have to hurry up to write it down and then understand what you had wrote. A little bit stressful everyday.

In 2005 i built a webpage (mobile) with trafficinformation, but there were no system with databases. Just a plain webpage and you had to write directly to the webpage. Hard work and not so efficient.

So in 2006 I started to think and draw up a system to handle my problems. In 2008/2009 I put together a website with a simple way to handle incoming cases and it presented the information for me in the right order. In 2010 I developed it further so that you can collaborate with colleagues and get the information to mobile devices.

In 2012 I started up a 6 months project (trafikradion.se) a full scale web radio station with its primary task traffic information and news to the public.

My system works, and a couple of thousands visits the site everyday.

During 2013 I thought why should only I use my system? I started to develop the system so anyone can have the benefit of my work.

Through the years we have updated the system very slowly just to have a safe and working plattform. Today (2018) we are in version 1.15 but we are planning for version 2.0.

Each customer has its own database on trafficradio.eu and as a superuser you can handle new colleagues and guests to deal with your information.

So now it's ready to start working even for you.
It is called TIS X-17 OnAir.

Why spend millions of Euros/Pounds/Dollars on a complex and hard working system when you can use TIS X-17 OnAir built for the traffic reporter.
Easy, fast and inexpensive.

Now am I working fulltime to developing the next generation and also starting up new customers.

If you are intrested in testing the system or just want to chat,
contact me.
Anders Nilsson
phone: +46 31 145145
email: tis@trafficradio.eu


Contact us!

We have DEMO versions in English, German and Swedish if you do want to test it before you decide. Questions?
Call us weekdays (CET) +46 31 145145 or email tis@trafficradio.eu

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