TIS X-17

Traffic Radio Broadcasting Network

For you on the road

Welcome to our first generation of local/global trafficinformation on the web.
Our goal here at TrafficRadio.eu is that you will have the latest and most up to date trafficinformation in your area and in your mobile devices.
Easy to remember trafficradio.eu

For the moment you will find traffic information in following countries:
England, France, Germany, Norway, Scotland, Sweden and Wales. Everything direct in your mobile (as you can see here to the right).

With the Traffic Map you'll see if there is any traffic congestions in your area, it works all around the world with the help of google maps.

If you can't find our service in your area contact your local radiostation and tell them about our service or with email to us info@trafficradio.eu

Traffic Reporters / Broadcasters

Construct accurate traffic reports in seconds.

We have created the easiest to use and the most inexpensive traffic information system in the world...

TIS X-17 helps you to organize your work when it’s at peak traffic time. Accidents, warnings, animals on the road, traffic jams, public transport… Have your own traffic information quickly at your website, incorporate it into your mobile web/app.

It takes less than 10 minutes to learn.

We do have DEMO versions in English, German and Swedish if you do want to test it before you decide. Questions? Call us weekdays +4631145145 or email tis@trafficradio.eu

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