TIS X-17

Traffic Radio Broadcasting Network

About us

TrafficRadio.eu is a part of "X For Media Production", a company based in Gothenburg, Sweden

TrafficRadio.eu and TIS X-17 is our first generation of global trafficinformation on the web. Our goal here at TrafficRadio.eu is that broadcasters will have the easiest and the best tools to work with when they do their traffic reports about the traffic conditions. All information is presented to the audience through the computer or mobile devices.

Our experience:
More than 35 years of radio production
More than 20 years of web production
More than 15 years of trafficinformation

TrafficRadio.eu is an ongoing project to find the best and easiest solutions in trafficinformation for media broadcasters and audience.


Want to know more? Call us weekdays (CET) +46 31 145145 or email info@trafficradio.eu

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